Introducing Avem: The Institutional DeFi Infrastructure

3 min readApr 27, 2022

Avem presents itself as the Blockchain for Business built as a layer 1. The chain is developed with EVM smart contracts, as a legal path for institutions to enter into the Blockchain space.

The next DeFi challenge

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has succeeded in the world of cryptography and finance, reaching a total value locked (TVL) of over $100b by the end of 2021 thanks to the creation of a financial ecosystem enabling token-holders to earn passive income from their crypto assets. Mass adoption from traditional finance is getting closer and closer; we are starting to see the evolution of the existing systems transforming in the direction of crypto and DeFi.

What’s next? The next DeFi challenge comes through the creation of bankable protocols along regulations, interoperability and scalability of infrastructures and building solid ecosystems with connection to jurisdictional assets. Avem emphasizes these key aspects with the creation of a fully compliant blockchain, building its own technology and gaining a constant demand by being part of the quantum financial system (QFS).

In other words, Avem is using the full potential of the blockchain world as it builds its own fully decentralized infrastructure offering its financial products in a distributed ledger technology.

Infrastructure features

The main features of Avem include, among others being a permissionless ledger, where any developer can build its own DApp, apart from being interoperable and scalable.

The blockchain operates with a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus. The nodes are reputable validators where companies need to go through a checklist and do Know Your Business (KYB).

Utility tokens, security tokens and NFTs can be traded within the ecosystem as Avem provides its own institutional wallet, apart from being able to access through third party hybrid wallets. The chain offers a fully decentralized custodial service and also features the possibility of zero-knowledge proof inside the layer 1.

Team’s vision

Great technology needs a great vision behind it. It can be observed how users are flowing from the traditional finance space into the crypto space as it is all about advantages. Businesses have seen this new trend and are now evolving in order to not be left behind. Here is where Avem comes in. The reason why Avem is going to change the world is that the main focus of the team is to solve the big problems that DeFi will face in the future, such as regulations, security, and complexity, with a fully law-abiding protocol based on blockchain technology.

The company’s services are aimed at people and businesses that are looking for a way to enter the crypto world with a regulated and serious protocol in which they can finally feel safe through an infrastructure that is fully respectful of the law and offers attractive financial products.

“Avem is built with the objective of bringing finance to everyone, no matter who or where you are, thanks to blockchain technology. The next generation of DeFi should make the industry more accessible to everyday users and thus build greater trust through quality protocols and product transparency. ” — remarks the Avem Team.