Avem partners with DAOLaunch to grow its ecosystem

We are pleased to announce that Avem and its Layer 1 partners with DAOLaunch in order to increase the adoption of our ecosystem.

DAOLaunch is the decentralized venture capital, creating a new capitalist concept that offers preferential investment conditions depending on users’ past investment performance inside the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investments cannot be edited as all negotiations are all on-chain.

Investors in DAOLaunch can consider themselves venture capitalists as they can enter in different startup deals as traditional VC firms do, changing the structure of closed investment deals, to an open and more competitive deal structure on the blockchain. This is a big shake in the startup industry, creating a fair and comprehensive environment for start-up investments.

Apart from investment, DAOLaunch will provide more value to Avem thanks to the experienced team that are leading the DAO. The team has been involved in crypto since 2015 and have experience in several crypto businesses, such as crypto focused funds, trading system development and blockchain development, among others.

Avem benefits from DAOLaunch through the:

  • Increase of liquidity inside our layer 1
  • New token holders and growth of Avem wallets
  • Establishment of a bigger organic community
  • Further adoption from real users once the mainnet is launched

Therefore, Avem is positioned to take TradFi to DeFi thanks to the great support received from this partnership.

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About Avem

Avem is an institutional DeFi infrastructure built as a layer 1 blockchain. The chain is developed on top of Polkadot, allowing Avem to own a decentralized parachain inside the Polkadot ecosystem and can thus offer financial bankable products to its users, both retail and institutional, on top of its customizable ledger in an interoperable and scalable way.

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